Transportation is a quality of life component for individuals and an important economic development consideration for communities and businesses. Effective transit solutions require an examination of many diverse and often contentious issues. With engineering know-how and planning expertise,
Gollub Planning & Design
 develops transportation solutions involving multiple forms of transit.




Tri-Met Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning - Tri-Met, Portland, Oregon 
Prior to becoming a consultant, Norm worked in Long Range Transit Planning for the regional transit provider.

Provided technical expertise for the West Side and the Interstate Avenue light-rail line projects.
Analyzed conceptual schemes for proposed rail alignments and developed transit center designs.
Determined costs for property acquisition and construction costs for rail.





Transit Oriented Development - Hillsboro, Oregon   Transit Oriented Development - City of Hillsboro, Oregon

GPD under contract with the city, collaborated with Rajiv Batra to develop the regulations that allowed Orenco, a well known model of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) to be built along a new light-rail alignment.


Created traffic network and land-use development plans for the new Orenco greenfield development project and four other light-rail station community planning areas.
Developed existing street network assessment, inventory and street design guidelines for the existing historic Orenco Neighborhood.
Provided amendments to the City Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Transportation Plan




ViewMaster Ideal / Tyco Toys  

Manufacturing / Distribution - ViewMaster Ideal / Tyco Toys,  Oregon

Consolidating diverse manufacturing operations from various locations to a single site required detailed analysis of potential rail and highway access locations. 


GPD developed the master plan and managed site selection to construct a one million square foot facility.  This included learning all aspects of toy manufacturing operations to assess needs.
Knowing where employees with specialized skills in 3-D operations lived and how far they were willing to commute helped define potential locations.


Interstate 385 Widening Project   Transportation Networks - City of Greenville, South Carolina 

As Urban Design and Development Manager for over six years, Norm worked on many projects containing transportation components.


Close coordination with city departments, jurisdictional agencies, community representatives, and engineers were key in leading discussions to resolve transportation issues.
Adding a travel lane in each direction for 7 miles along I-385, required working closely with businesses to mitigate impacts caused by new ramp designs that eliminated access to their businesses.
Norm was able to address neighborhood issues created by the I-385 widening project by bringing opposing parties together to find solutions.
To mitigate losing a wide grassy median, Norm led consultants in seeking  alternatives.  The final solution was to install a raised landscape median containing electrical and other infrastructure components.  SCDOT and City funds to landscape the median was supplemented by additional county funds that Norm obtained.





Southwest Washington Regional Airport Expansion  

Aviation Grants - Southwest Washington  Regional Airport                 GPD was contracted to secure grant funding for airport expansion projects.

A new weather station, additional hangers, and a longer runway were the focus of grants authored by GPD.
Grant funding was obtained from the FAA and the State of Washington Community Trade and Economic Development Department.
GPD also determined private property parcels needed for the runway extension and their acquisition costs.




Camas Meadows  

Transportation Impacts -  Camas Meadows, Camas, Washington
authored the Environmental Impact Statement for this 420 acre
Corporate Business Park, Golf Course, and Residential Development and coordinated a variety of speciality consultants involved with its development.

Addressing the many traffic impacts on local roads from the development and providing mitigation measures was an important component.
To separate sensitive cultural sites from the overall development, a paved pedestrian trail was installed as a buffer.  The property containing the sites and completed trail was subsequently donated to the County enabling the client to claim a sizable tax deduction.
GPD worked closely with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other jurisdictional agencies to secure stream crossing and other permits for roads.



County Road Realignment   Circulation Solutions - Green Mountain Resorts, Vancouver, WA 

Transportation solutions were just one of the many components that GPD developed for this 310 acre destination resort.


GPD's solution to resolve the issue of the site being split by a busy county road was to relocate the road.  This reduced the potential hazard of pedestrian and golf cart road crossings, separated the project from adjacent sensitive wetlands and enabled a much more efficient site plan.
The Environmental Impact Statement authored by GPD addressed the many traffic impacts to the county road system and also other environmental impacts resulting from project development.
Phase I, including the road realignment and golf course w/clubhouse has been completed.





Economic Development

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