If downtown is the heart of a community then neighborhoods are its soul.  We grow up in neighborhoods and retire in them.  People gathering to pass through time together lies at its essence.  Neighborhoods take many forms and can affect our lives in many ways.  Gollub Planning & Design's experience includes creating new neighborhoods and working to strengthen existing neighborhoods.                                 




Greenline Spartanburg Master Plan


Greenline/Spartanburg Master Plan - Greenville, South Carolina

Employed by the city, Norm led the development of this plan to revitalize two struggling neighborhoods by working closely with residents and property owners, and by coordinating city staff and consultants for the project.


Major issues addressed included: separation of neighborhoods, connectivity to adjacent parks, sense of neighborhood entry, traffic, viewsheds, neighborhood core development, and housing mix.
Community involvement and public workshops were vital to the project.

Phasing and funding opportunities were identified and pursued.

  Final plan implementation has replaced a significant portion of the over 400 single-family and multi-family residences and installed new infrastructure thoughout the neighborhoods. 



 Transit Oriented Development - Hillsboro, Oregon

  Transit Oriented Development - City of Hillsboro, Oregon

GPD under contract with the city, collaborated with Rajiv Batra to develop the regulations that allowed Orenco, a well known model of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) to take place.


Created general development plans for Orenco, including conceptual schemes for this greenfield development, just north of the new rail station.
Developed the neighborhood assessment and building design guidelines for the former Orenco (Oregon Nursery Company) workers neighborhood, just south of the new rail station.
Provided amendments to the Hillsboro Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Transportation Plan.



 Green Mountain Resort

  Green Mountain Resorts, Vancouver, WA 

This 310 acre destination resort calls for a golf course, hotel, boutique retail establishments, and a range of housing types, from executive single-family lots to townhomes.  Phase I, the golf course, has been completed.  GPD:

Developed the pre-design site analysis that addressed the physical components of the property, its opportunities and constraints.
Developed the conceptual master plan, designed to maximize land use while limiting impacts on natural resources.

Authored the environmental impact statement (EIS), including retaining and managing a range of environmental consultants to address the many State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) issues.  Then GPD carried the project forward through the various jurisdictional agencies approval processes to obtain SEPA approval for the project.




 Economic Development

Commercial Districts

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