Entitlements / Regulations

Gollub Planning & Design acts as the client representative to establish positive working relationships with regulatory agencies. Having sat on both sides of the table, Norm understands the public and private sector perspective when it comes to entitlements and regulations.


    Camas Meadows Golf Course  Camas Meadows Corporate Park  Camas Meadows Town Homes

              Camas Meadow Golf Course                           Camas Meadows Corporate Center                          Camas Meadows Residential



Project Profile:

Camas Meadows Corporate Center, Golf Course, and Residential

Client: Lacamas Shores Development / Vanport Group

Location: Camas, Washington

Visit: www.camasmeadows.com



Services Provided:

Environmental Impact Statement

Project Permits / Entitlements

Client Representation w/agencies and at Public Hearings


420 acres of natural woodlands and lush wetland meadows provide the setting for this environmentally responsive project. Gollub Planning & Design authored an Environmental Impact Statement and managed the regulatory work for the development of this 18-hole golf course with clubhouse, 130 acre corporate business park, and residential development. Entitlement work undertaken and developed by Gollub Planning & Design to satisfy local, state and federal requirements included:


Clark County and also the City of Camas: 

·    Public Hearings 

·    Environmental Impact Statement 

·    Conditional Use Permit 

·    Shoreline Substantial Development Permit 

·    Dedication of 31 acres for public trail along Lacamas Creek 


City of Camas and also the Washington State Boundary Review Board 

·     Extension of Water and Sewer to the site Approval 


Washington State Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation 

·     Organized Peer Review and obtained Archaeological Mitigation Plan Approval 

  • Mediated disputes with the Cowlitz Indian Tribe & Chinook Indian Nation and developed a Memorandum of Agreement Regarding Disposition of Cultural Resources 
  • Located Donation Land Claim descendants to address site treatment of pioneer graves  

Washington State Department of Fisheries

·     Hydrologic Project Approval for Bridge and Culvert Crossings 


Washington State Department of Ecology 

·     State Certification of Nationwide 26 Permit 

·     Construction Activity Permit 

·     Shoreline Management Act Permits 

·     Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions for Public Trail Dedication 


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

·     Nationwide 26 Permit 

·     Memorandum of Agreement 


U.S. Department of Fish & Wildlife 

·     5-year Monitoring Plan for Endangered Plant Species 



Economic Development

Commercial Districts