Gollub Planning & Design is about recognizing the issues and unique opportunities within your

community, then articulating solutions that can be constructed and realized.



   Lacamas Heritage Trail   Loading Zone Moved To Create Sidewalk Dining   Commonwealth View Townhomes / Wetland Restoration   Tri-Met Long Range Planning   

      Heritage Trail at Camas Meadows    Relocating Loading Zone Created Dining for Restaurants Townhome Development / Wetland Restoration         Long Range Transit Planning



Gollub Planning & Design works closely with clients to meet their economic, real estate development/redevelopment and urban planning needs.  This includes building consensus and support for projects, identifying and obtaining funding opportunities, providing current and long-range planning and design services, and implementing programs.


With over 25 years of in-depth experience providing a variety of services to public and private sector clients, Gollub Planning & Design offers unique insights and creates solutions to meet a range of budget needs.  Norman Gollub, Principal, follows a simple philosophy:


Approach projects with honesty and integrity
Respect the natural environment
Provide exceptional customer service
Create appropriate and affordable solutions

Norm works independently and will also assemble and manage teams when required to fit the needs of the project.  This has enabled Gollub Planning & Design to successfully serve many clients with diverse goals.

In January, 2013, Norm relocated from Portland, Oregon to Sarasota, Florida where he currently serves as the Economic Development professional for the City of Sarasota and the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.  Visit www.sarasotaeconomy.com to learn more about this Gulf of Mexico community where tourism, cultural amenities, diversifying economy and "aging in place" is leading the nation.